Debt Negotiation/ Settlement is authorized in 49 states; however, certain states have separate requirements. This is why submitting the lead as accurately as possible is important. This information is only for Agent Knowledge to better understand the process.

Green states are states that do not require an attorney to hold, maintain and supervise the file.

Orange states are states that do require attorney representation to go through the program.

There is no difference to the client. You, as an agent, do not need to explain any of this to the client

As a company we are 100% committed to helping solve our nation’s debt crisis while providing our Affiliates a world-class opportunity to build financial independence.

Whether it is debt negotiation, credit repair or student loan forgiveness, Prosperity has cutting-edge solutions to help your prospects eliminate debt, increase their credit score and give them the relief they need to escape the burden of high debt.

As a company we promise to

  • Always give your prospects a personal touch.
  • Walk them through each step of the entire process.
  • Respect their time
  • Hire only professionals you they trust
  • Provide upfront pricing
  • With Prosperity you will become your prospects’ trusted Debt Solutions Consultant.